Payment and shipping


home delivery[Trader] Yamato Transport [Remarks]
● Timing of product shipping ●
If you do not specify especially,
After payment is confirmed, we will send it out within two to three business days.
※ We will contact us separately from our stock product and no stock.
● Delivery desired time zone can be specified ●
In the morning, 14:00 to 16:00, 16:00 to 18:00-20:00 · 19:00-21 o'clock
※ It may not be in line with the information of delivery, transportation, stock status, etc. In that case, we will contact you separately.

Product nature, cut fabric fabric products are not accepted by customer's convenience.
● We will not be able to return to sale products that describe scratches and color unevenness. Thank you for your consideration.
● If the product has arrived at hand, please check if the product was ordered.
● We perform inspection before delivery and we have fully fully the quality, but if there is damage or contamination in the product, if a product different from your order has arrived, it will be within 7 days after arrival of the product Contact Please. Shipping fee will be replaced with our burden.
● Although the product image is closer to the actual product and posted on the web, the degree of color development may differ depending on the display of the display. Returns are not accepted because the "image is different", so please accept and buy it.
● The shipping fee may be changed according to the size of the product to be sent.


Trackable mail [specific shipping][Contractor] Yamato Transport [delivery service name] Nekoposu [Note]
The timing of the shipment
If you do not specify especially,
In the case of upfront payment (for example, bank transfer) ⇒ after your payment is confirmed, will be shipped within two business days.
In the case of the settlement other than the above (for example, credit card) ⇒ After confirming your order will be shipped within two business days.
※ In the case of prepaid settlement, by the customers of the payment timing, delivery date will there be before and after.

For reservation commodity
You may not be able to deliver on the desired delivery date by Release Date.
In addition, by Release DateIt takes days to ship than usual goods.
Reservations productUsually it can not be goods and enclosed dispatch.

For delivery service
NekoposuIn you will receive.

[Shipping Rates] National single rate: 440 yen
Mailing cost consumption tax This rate includes consumption tax.
Remote island other treatment Islands in some areas may take additional shipping.
remarks ● dispatch by Nekoposu, we will be considered as your order of up to 1m (10 pieces).
● mailing cost at the time of your settlement does not have an Nekoposu. We will carry out correction after your order.