About the order of order

[1] About order unit

▶ 最 The minimum unit of order is 1M (meter).

▶ Please note that you can not order decimal places and "CM (centimeter)".

If you enter 1, it will be a 1M order.

If you enter 100, it will be an order of 100 meters.

You can not enter containing a decimal point, such as 1.2M.

1, 2, 3, 4 ... It will be ordered with an integer.


【2】 About shipping fee

▶ 他 We support overseas delivery (EMS, UPS, DHL etc) in addition to domestic delivery.

配 配 Shipping fee or Tax (VAT) is added on the settlement screen.

場合 In the case of overseas delivery, the cost of customs procedures will be added.

▶ 場合 In the case of domestic delivery, we will add shipping costs.