[10086] Arabica print [Japanese-style clothing store decoration stage costume Made in Japan] Nippori textile district

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I made a large arabal braise to shine stages. The size of the handle and the color is Okuyama original.

Japanese traditional patternFrom among"Karakusa (okaya)"Introduce.

While the 蔦 (ツ) is entangled, it has become a pattern that it will spread to four ways.

Arabisa pattern was born in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, and after Greece, Rome, Silk Road, it is said that the style of China (Tang) was colored and transmitted to Japan.

Tsuta (Tsuta) is strong, and four or guys will grow anywhere. From such a place, the arabesque pattern has been frequently used as a good pattern that symbolizes "longevity and prosperity".

In English, "Arabesque(Arabesque)

Japan's arabesque patterns have a combination of arabes and flowers and arabes. "Peony (Button) Arabis", "Grapes (Grapes)", "Lotus (Husu) Gakka", "Kikuhara" .... Such "flower arabes" is used by arabes and botes, vases and incense vases, vases and incense burners, with only the number of flowers that became the motif.The arabesias were also in Japan, and in Japan, it was steadily penetrated in Japan.

Color variations Four colors
Raw land 112 cm (about 1.5 cm of cloth ends)
Senseless ★★☆☆☆Almost no transparent
Holistic ★★☆☆☆Slightly
Thickness ★★★☆☆Ordinary
Stretchable ★☆☆☆☆Almost extend
Sewing ★★☆☆☆Ordinary
Wrinkles and creases ★★☆☆☆Almost
remarks -
iron Up to medium temperature
Sewage Unnecessary
Material composition 100% polyester%
Country of origin Japan
Sales unit 50 cm or more and 10 cm units