[GL6193] Larger Jawara (Komochi Warara) Lamee Jagade [Japanese-style clothing store decoration Yosakoi Japanese] Nippori textile district

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Cosplay dancing and stage costumes!Popular Japanese Pattern Jacquard

Jacquard, which woven the pattern "Kojiyoshihara", which was born in the Edo period.
It is a popular fabric for production such as cosplay dancing and stage costumes, as well as the temple of the festival and the handle of the cosplay dance.
It is a table to be in the blackland, but the back side is also beautiful and the pattern is beautiful.

Color variations
Raw land 115 m (about 1 cm of cloth ends)
Senseless ★☆☆☆☆Almost no transparent
Holistic ★★☆☆☆not much
Thickness ★★★☆☆Thick boost
Stretchable ★☆☆☆☆Almost extend
Sewing ★★☆☆☆ordinary
Wrinkles and creases ★★☆☆☆It is difficult to slightly
iron To low temperature
Sewage Unnecessary
Material composition polyester
Country of origin Japan
Sales unit 50 cm or more and 10 cm units